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The Jib & Main Fleet

This fleet sails under working sails: no Genoa bigger than 155% and no spinnaker or gennaker. Many husband/wife teams and families compete in this Division in a little more laid-back style versus the Spinnaker Fleet. The Jib & Main Fleet offers three Divisions and a couple of other "extras" as well.


The Spinnaker Fleet generally sails the tactically-challenging Windward/Leeward style of racecourse. Other courses may be occasionally chosen for a change of pace. The JAM Fleet will sail either a Triangle racecourse, or for a change of pace, a Distance racecourse. The buoy racecourses will be 4 - 6 miles long, and ideally take about an hour for the middle boat to finish. Distance racecourses will generally be about 15 miles. The Spinnaker Fleet may sail three races on a given date, but the JAM Fleet will never sail more than two races.


There are four series offered, running May through October. The "seasonal" series are three series of four racing days each, called (surprisingly enough) Spring, Summer, and Fall. There is a fourth series for the JAM Fleet called the Once-a-Month series. This series consists of the races held on the first day of racing in each month: six dates in all. Perfect for those who want to race, but don't want to commit to twelve race dates during the Summer.


Note: each Series and Division is offered by the Club, but may be canceled if an insufficient number of skippers register. It is important to register early in the season to ensure that the program you want is actually run.


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